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Dragon fruit is also called dragon pearl fruit, cactus fruit, or papaya. It is a tropical, delicious super food which is very beneficial for your health. The benefits of dragon fruit include anti-aging, immune system boosting and blood sugar control which are useful for diabetics. You must have understood that whether there is a dragon or not, there are definitely dragon fruits which are beneficial for our health. Nutrients found in dragon fruit per 100 grams

Calories 50

Calcium 5 ml

Vitamin B3 (16 ml)

Iron 9 ml

Carbohydrate 11 grams

Protein and fat 4 grams

Vitamin B1 (04 ml)

Phosphorus 5 ml

Vitamin B2 (05 ml)

Vitamin C 5 ml gram

Type: If you are looking for low calorie foods then there is no better super food than dragon fruit.

1. Benefits of Dragon Fruit for Diabetes: - Diabetes is a condition in which blood sugar levels are much higher than normal. Diabetes can be called the gateway to diseases. This is because diabetes usually reduces the body's immunity system, and adapts other chronic diseases to affect the body. It is very important to protect yourself from diabetes, at times it can be hereditary. If you want to avoid diabetes then consume dragon fruit. Fiber is found in good quantity in dragon fruit, so it helps to stabilize the high sugar level in the blood.

2. Benefits of eating dragon fruit for digestion: - Digestion is a process that plays a very important role not only in the body but also in our social life. Because you cannot do any work properly until your digestion is done properly. Dragon fruits are rich in fiber which are very useful for digestion. Another benefit of foods with a good amount of fiber is that they keep hunger at bay for a long time.

3. Home remedies of Dragon fruit for constipation: - Costipation is a condition in which the stool becomes very hard or hard. Dragon fruit has a very good amount of water so it helps to keep you hydrated and as a result prevents constipation. Apart from this, it also helps to increase metabolic system and improve digestive system.

4. Benefits of Dragon Fruit for skin: - Skin health is not enough, it is more important to keep skin healthy. Skin is something that reflects your age. Dragon fruits (antioxidants) are found in very good quantity, so it helps to keep the skin tight and young. It also falls under the category of very good fruits because it acts as an anti-aging drug.

This prevents any wrinkles from coming on the skin. This fruit contains a very good amount of Vitamin C, which you can get rid of acne by consuming it. You can also make a face using dragon fruit and honey. You can apply it on your face for 15 minutes and then wash it with warm water. Using this fruit with cucumber juice can also help in removing sunburns.

5. Benefits of Papaya Fruit for Hair: - The well-cleansing properties of the body are present in the dragon fruit and along with other products it helps in maintaining the health of the heart and blood vessels. Apart from these, this unique fruit is also known to help reduce your oxidative stress. Which is the main cause of cardiovascular diseases.

6. Benefits of eating dragon fruit to increase blood: - Due to the good presence of calcium and iron, dragon fruit helps in increasing blood in the body. By consuming 1 small dragon fruit, you can get 1% of the required amount of calcium and 8% of iron. Calcium is required to keep your muscles healthy and for nerve transmission. Iron is needed to supply oxygen to your body. Vitamin C present in it helps to increase your body's capacity by absorbing iron.

Dragon fruit
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