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How Can Homeopathy Help Me?

Safe and non-toxic. Homeopathic remedies are so diluted that they do not have toxic effects. There are no side effects with homeopathy so this treatment is beyond a doubt safer than any other treatment. That is why they are ideal for Infants, Children, the Elderly & in Pregnancy as well.

Holistic approach. Homeopathic remedies treat the mind and the body at the same time to address the whole of the suffering with one single medicine.

Individualised treatment. A Homeopathic medicine is selected for each person, according to their personality and the nature of the symptoms.

Mind-body link. Illness often involves the mind and the feelings as well as the physical body. Homeopathy, Bio-chemic and Bach flower treats all the suffering and brings a sense of relative wellbeing.

Self-healing. Homeopathic remedies stimulate self-healing rather than relying on a strong drug effect. Self-healing is usually more permanent than the benefits produced by conventional drugs.

Can Be Taken with Other Medications. Homeopathic remedies are also not known to interfere with conventional drugs. There is no known interactivity with other medicines.

Widely Known & Respected Worldwide Homeopathy is widely known, practiced, and is recognized by the FDA, including Europe and Asia and in other parts of the world.

Easy to Take. The very small sublingual tablets are placed on the tongue and dissolve quickly. There is NO NEED to swallow pills!

Prophylactic treatment. We can use these medicines as preventive medicines for several ailments such as chicken-pox, measles, travel sickness etc.

Palliative. The intake of homeopathic medicines act as a palliative remedy to several incurable conditions pains experienced by cancer patients on the death-bed.

Anti-viral, anti-allergic. Homeopathy provides treatment with non-drowsy medicines for allergic hay fever, viral warts, cold etc.

Anti-septic. Some homeopathic medicines act as an anti-septic. After surgery, the use of homeopathic remedy gives an anti-septic effect or helps with wound healing.

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