SUNSTROKE Homeopathic Medicine or Home made remedies for prevention

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SUNSTROKE (Heatstroke; Insolation; Thermic Fever; Siriasis), a term applied to the effects produced upon the central nervous system, and through it upon other organs of the body, by exposure to the sun or to overheated air.

Sunstroke is a life-threatening condition in which the body’s heat-regulating system fails, due to exposure to high temperatures.


Sunstroke can occur when the body’s mechanisms to rid itself of excess heat are overwhelmed by a very hot or humid environment, or strenuous physical activity.


People particularly susceptible to sunstroke are young children, the elderly, individuals not used to physical activity and concomitant excessive sun exposure (such as overseas visitors walking in the mountains in Africa), people suffering from certain chronic medical conditions, and those involved in certain sporting activities.


Signs and Symptoms of Sunstroke/ Heatstroke


Sun stroke/ heat stroke is quite easily noticeable, as it triggers off many physical signs and symptoms. As soon as any of these signs become evident, it is important to consult a doctor. Given below are some of the most common signs and symptoms for heat stroke:


The most common signs and symptoms of mild Heat stroke/ Sun stroke include







Low blood pressure

Scarce sweating

Muscle cramps, tone and other heat exhaustion related symptoms.

More severe Sun stroke/ Heat stroke is accompanied by signs and symptoms like

High body temperature

Dry and hot skin

Increased heartbeat

High grade fever

Excessive thirst


Rapid pulse rate




Difficulty in breathing



Coma etc.

In fact, some of the symptoms may be similar to that of a heart stroke. The temperature of the affected individual tends to rise to 1040F or even more.

Management of Heatstroke/ Sunstroke through Unani medicine


Unani medicine is a science of holistic health emphasising mainly on particular regimens, diet and drugs for human health care. In the management of heat/ sun stroke we follow similar pattern. Preventive measures, use of some specific regimens, diet and drugs are all adopted to manage the patient.


Sunstroke/ Heatstroke prevention tips


By following these tips one can avoid heat stroke, even if it is necessary to venture out in the heat or workout vigorously.

Always choose your clothes with care in summers and while going in heat, opt for light fabrics in a loose fit, which will allow your skin to breathe easily.

Take sufficient quantity of water before going out in the sun.

Crush onion and apply as a paste on the armpit and or on the groin for prevention from sunstroke.

Always use cap and natural sun lotion to protect yourself from the sun heat.

In case of high grade fever, soak a piece of cloth in rose water and vinegar and apply frequently on the forehead.

Putting ice bag or cube on the forehead is also good if the person suffering from high grade fever.

The primary treatment goal for sunstroke is to lower the elevated body temperature rapidly in a controlled fashion.



Sunstroke can be prevented by drinking plenty of water and avoiding overtaxing the body in hot weather and while exercising.

Sunstroke medicines

***************** HOMOEOPATHIC TREATMENT **************



This is our most efficient remedy; in fact, no remedy stimulates the heart and vaso-motor centers in the medulla so quickly. The indications for its use will be pale face, fixed eyes, white tongue, full, round pulse, labored respiration, cerebral vomiting and sinking at the pit of the stomach. The temperature is high and oftentimes there is unconciousness. It is also suitable for the after-effects of sunstroke. Aconite is useful in sunstroke where the great heat seems to have a paralyzing influence on the circulation. Lachesis. The sun’s heat makes the patient dizzy and faint; hot weather greatly fatigues.



This remedy is quite similar to Glonoine. There is drowsiness, loss of consciousness, whizzing in the ears and constriction of the chest. Gelsemium may also be useful in sunstroke, with cerebral congestion, delirium, headache, high temperature and tendency to coma.

‪#‎Natrum‬ carbonicum [Nat-c]

This remedy is particularly useful in the chronic effects of sunstroke and in headache which return in hot weather. Natrum carbonicum will sometimes calm very excitable and nervous persons during thunder storms. Remember it, however, in debility and headache from the sun.

SUNSTROKE Homeopathic Medicine or Home made remedies for prevention
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