Adenoid Nasal Polyp Homeopathic treatment

Are you distressed from recurrent blockage of nose with or without discharge, difficulty breathing, and a weakened sense of smell? Most people would blame this on allergies or a chronic sinus infection. But in some cases, this may be due to Nasal Polyps. Nasal Polyps are non-cancerous, soft overgrowths that develop within the nose or sinuses. They appear like grapes and can develop single or in clusters. Nasal Polyps are resultant of an allergy that weakens the wall of the nasal mucous membrane causing ballooning of this wall followed by filling of the sac with a liquid. Nasal Polyps may become bulky enough to entirely occlude the nasal passages, blocking the pathways where the sinuses drain into the nose.
They are a mass of tissue, located in the passage that connects the back of the nasal cavaty to the throat. Adenoids - which are also called nasopharyngeal tonsils but are separate from the tonsils in the throat. Although tonsils are visible when the mouth is wide open, adenoids need a small mirror and a special scope.The main function of adenoids is to produce the defence cells and fight infections like bacteria and viruses that one breathes in or swallows. By making antibodies, they help the young child's body fight respiratory tract infections.

Children are born with adenoids which are quite small. Adenoids get less vital as the child grows older and the body builds other mechanisms to fight germs. It is during the growth phase that adenoids can potentially cause problems. Both the adenoids and tonsils get enlarged when they get infected with bacteria. Mostly they return back to their original size once the infection is over; however, in some cases they tend to remain enlarged when infections are frequent or chronic.

Causes of nasal polyp

Is it true that Enlarged Adenoids cause behavior problems :-

The way in which the Adenoids are situated, when enlarged can obstruct and block the nasal passage and can interfere with sleep. Hence children who do not get enough sleep can exhibit behavior problems because they are tired. Common questions that doctors might ask during the evaluation of a child with possible enlarged adenoids are how is the Kid doing at school? Is he/she always tired? Is the Kid suffering from behavioral or listening problems? Its worth understanding that enlarged adenoids do not cause ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) or other similar conditions. Though, the behavioral symptoms may mimic ADHD, or even worsen the symptoms of an ADHD child.Adenoid face or facies When the adenoids are enlarged, they can cause nasal obstruction and chronic mouth breathing. This mouth breathing can cause permanent changes in the facial shape - like elongation of the face and an open-mouthed, slack-jaw appearance.This is called as "adenoid face or facies".


  • Is there a way to confirm that the adenoids are enlarged ?

As the Adenoids are situated at the root of the nose, it’s practically impossible to see them by direct physical examination. So apart from the symptom history, X-Ray is the best way to access the growth of an Enlarged Adenoid. The X-ray would reveal, whether the Adenoids are enlarged or not, and most importantly to what extent are they blocking the nasal passage.

  • Is there a relationship between large adenoids and ear infections ?

Whether there is any relationship between enlarged adenoids and recurrent ear infections is debatable question. It’s a known fact now that chronic nasal blockage can contribute to increased rates of ear infections and persistence of fluid in the middle ear area, but there are no corroborated studies to support the removal of adenoids in all children with recurrent ear infections. Collection of Ear wax can cause increased ear pressure leading to ear pain or ear aches, leading to a suspicion of ear infection.

  • Adenoids in Children... What Are They, Anyways ?

Adenoids - which are also called nasopharyngeal tonsils but are separate from the tonsils in the throat. Tonsils are visible when the mouth is wide open; adenoids need a small mirror and a special scope for viewing them

The main function of adenoids is to produce the antibodies and fight infections like bacteria and viruses that one breathes in or swallows. By making antibodies, they help the young child's body fight respiratory tract infections

Children are born with adenoids which are quite small. Adenoids become less useful as the child grows older because the body builds other mechanisms to fight germs. It is during the growth phase that adenoids can potentially cause problems. Most of the time they return back to their original size once the infection is over; however during chronic or frequent infections they tend to remain enlarged for long period of time blocking the nasal passage and causing distress to the kidsSwollen or enlarged adenoids are common in children. Causes include

Recurrent and chronic infections with viruses or bacteria

Symptoms of Nasal Polyp:

There are many symptoms associated with an enlarged adenoid. Below are listed a few symptoms of enlarged Adenoids

·         Difficulty in breathing through the nose

·         Breathing through the mouth (Nose block ) reason for Open mouth

·         The voice of the child has a nasal tone

·         Breathing is usually noisy

·         Snoring while sleeping

·         While sleeping the breathing stops for few seconds

·         Ear pain and ear ache, due to collection of fluid in the middle ear, or collection of ear wax ,Ear block(Eustachian tube block) 

·         Loss of concentration

·         Can also cause frequent ear infection in few kids

·         Excessive nasal discharge

·         Change in voice

·         Salivation

·         Bedwetting



Avoid cold food and drinks.

·         Take proper care during winter.

·         Keep your room clean and tidy.

·         Blow your nose gently .

·         Keep your mouth open when blowing the nose.


·         CBP

·         ESR

·         X - Ray

Homoeopathic Treatment of Nasal Polyp

Homoeopathy is strongly recommended for management of Nasal Polyps, especially when they are small in size. Timely administered Homoeopathic medicines offer promising results and help avoid surgery, as well as its inherent complications. Homeopathic remedies are unique and effective that will shrink your existing Polyps, prevent recurrence, treat the bleeding and pain associated with the Polyps, reduce swelling of the mucous membranes, reduce itching and tickling within the nostrils, prevent mouth breathing and snoring. Homeopathy believes in treating the patient and not just the disease. Homeopathic treatment can remove the underlying cause for the allergic tendency and eliminate sinus problems completely. Homeopathic drugs are non-habit forming and have no addictive characteristics. Homeopathy has an exceptional proven safety record with the FDA with 200 years of clinical effectiveness. Since it treats in totality, it leads to a permanent long-lasting cure, rather than a temporary suppression of symptoms.


Hence, to get rid of Nasal Polyps, to beat frequent sinus infections without resorting to Antibiotics, to get your sense of smell back and to enjoy the taste of food explore the no surgery, no side effect treatment modality, “Homeopathy”.

Homeopathic Remedies(medicines) for Nasal polyp(adenoids)

Materia medica offers a number of remedies for this unpleasant nasal condition.

Calcarea carbonicum:Calcarea patients are Fat, Flabbly, Flabby, Perspiring, Cold, Damp & Sour.Leucopleghmatic temperament;Hydrogenoid constitution;Blond hair, Light complexion, Blue eyes, Fair skin, Tendency to obese in youth,Persons who take cold easily, with increased mucus secretions;Children, who grow fat, are large bellied, with large head, pale skin, and chalky look;Nasal polyp; swelling at root of the nose;Stoppage of nose with fetid yellowish discharge;Offensive odor in nose;Coryza, takes cold at every change of weather;Catarrhal symptoms with hunger;Coryza alternates with colic.

Teucrium marum varum: A remedy of first importance in chronic nasal catarrah with atrophy; large, offensive crusts & clinkers.Ozaena,Anosmia, loss of sense of smell;Discharges of large irregular clinkers, foul breathe.Crawling in nostrils, with lachrymation & sneezing.Coryza with stoppage of nostrils.Catarrhal condition of both anterior & posterior nostrils;Mucus polypus;

Sanguinaria : It affects chiefly the mucosa of Respiratory tract; It is the Right sided remedy; Nasal polypi; Laryngeal polypi; Hay fever; Ozaena; with profuse, offensive, yellowish discharges; Chronic rhinitis; membrane dry & congested; Coryza, followed by diarrhoea, sudden stoppage of catarrah causes diarrhoea; Associated with vasomotor disturbances;

Allium cepa:Acute catarrhal inflammation of mucous membrane with increased secretions;Coryza profuse, watery & acrid nasal discharge, with bland lachrymation.Acrid watery discharge dropping from tip of the nose;discharge burns & corrodesthe upper lip;Nasal polypus;Spring coryza after damp northeasterly wind;Hay fever in august every; violent sneezing on rising from bed; from handling peeches;Eyes: burning, biting, smarting as from smoke, must rub them; watery & suffused, excessive bland lachrymation;Catarrhal dull headache; < in the evening; > in open air; < on returning to warm room;

Apis mellifica:Acts on cellular tissues causing odema of skin & mucous membrane;Bad effects of acute exanthema imperfectly delevoped or suppressed, measles, scarlatina, urticaria;Nose red , swollen, inflamed with sharp pains;Affects right side;Extreme sensitiveness to touch;Pains: burning, stining, sore, suddenly migrating from one part to another;Aggration: heat in any form, touch, pressure, late in afternoon, after sleeping, in closed room ;Amelioration: open air, uncovering, cold bathing;

Calcarea sulphurica:Cold in head with thick, yellowish, purulent secretion, frequently tinged with blood;One sided affections;Yellowish discharge from posterior nares;Edges of nostrils sore;Mucous discharges are yellow, thick, & lumpy;

Kali nitricum: Polypus, swollen feeling, < right nostril; Nose pointed red & itching; Sneezing; < towards morning & in afternoon; > drinking sips of water;

Lemna minor: A catarrhal remedy; acts especially on the nostrils; Acts especially on the nostrils. Nasal polpi; Swollen turbinates; Atrophic rhinitis; Asthma from nasal obstruction; Putrid smell; loss of smel; Crusts & mucopurulent discharges very abundant; Post nasal dribbing; Pain like a string from nostrils to ear;Reduces nasal obstruction, when it is an odmatous condition;<damp rainy weather, especially heavy rains;

Mercurius iodatus rubber: Coryza & dull hearing; Right side of nose hot; Hawks mucus from the posterior nares; Turbinates swollen;

Phosphorous: Polypi-bleeds easily; It irritates , inflames & degenaretes mucus membranes;Aggravation: touch, physical or mental exertion, twilight, warm food or drink; Change of weather; lying on left / painful side, during thunder storm, ascending stairs;Amelioration: in dark, lying on right side, cold food, open air, washing with cold water, sleep;

Psorinum: Dry coryza with stoppage of nose; Chronic catarrah with post nasal dribbing; Secretions filthy smelling;Extreme senstiveness to cold, wants to be covered with fur even in summer;Aggravation: coffee, changes of weather, in hot sunshine, dread of least cold air / draught;Amelioration: Heat , warm clothing;

Silicea: Nose obstructed & loss of smell; Dry hard crusts from bleeding when loosened; Bad effects of vaccination; Suppurative process;Aggravation: new moon, morning, from washing, uncovering;

Sulphur: Nose stuffed indoors; Imaginary foul smells; Chronic dry catarrah, dry scabs really bleeds; Polyps & Adenoids; offensive discharges;Aggravation: warmth in bed, washing, bathing, in morning, 11 a.m.,night, from alcoholic stimulants, periodically;Amelioration: dry, warm weather, lying on right side, drawing up affected limbs.

Thuja: Chronic catarrah; thick, green mucus; blood & pus; On blowing nose – pain in teeth;Hydrogenoid constitutions, whose blood is morbidly hygroscopic, worse humid atmospheres; Left sided remedy; chilly patient;Aggravation: at night, heat of bed, 3 a.m & 3 p.m ,after break fast; fat, coffee, vaccination;

Medicine are idea to help people to recognize potential of homeopathic medicines.None of Homeopathic medicine should be used without consent of Qualified Physician.You can take medicine from professionally Qualified physician after full case taking for more detail please follow link .


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