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Alzheimer's disease is the most common cause of dementia in the elderly. More than 60% of the cases of dementia are due to this. Its prevalence is age related is as high as 47% in persons of 85 years above. Mother Nature has blessed mankind amongst all the entities on the earth with an extraordinary quality of logical and rational thinking. The storehouse of immense knowledge, 'BRAIN' is the source of this exceptional attribute. Unfortunately, the entire system of an individual becomes handicapped as the same brain starts deteriorating. The major culprit who is involved in the deterioration of brain is Alzheimer's disease (AD). Alzheimer's disease is a devastating disease of brain that robs the afflicted individual of intelligence, memory and eventually life Homeopathy can effectively and safely relieve the patients from this condition when opted for at the right time. At Dr. G.S.Makkars we have the expertise and experience of treating cases of Alzheimer's disease and giving good relief to a large number of patients. Come and experience for yourself the wonderful effects of Homeopathy

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