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Autism is the common term for a range of disabilities medically classified as Pervasive Developmental Disorders (PDD). Autism Spectrum Disorder is characterized by qualitative differences in the development of cognitive, language, social or motor skills, and these are usually apparent before age three.Autism is not a puzzle, nor a disease. Autism is a challenge but certainly not a divesting one. It is about finding a way to survive in an overwhelming confusing world. It is about developing differently in a different pace and with different leaps

Wish you could see the
World thru their eyes.....,
They see things differently

"Your child has Autism", parents get alarmed on hearing these words. Autism is a neurological disorder that causes developmental problems initiating during childhood and lasting all through life. Autism is not a mental illness and is not a consequence of inappropriate parenting or psycho-social problems at home, hence parents are not accountable for their child's problem. Children with Autism develop differently from other children in different areas of growth. They might have delays in language, social, and cognitive skills, while their motor skills might be the same as other children their age. They might be very capable at putting puzzles together or solving computer problems, but not very proficient at easy things like talking or making friends. An Autistic child might also learn a skill and then not recall it. For example, a child may be able to say many words, but later stop talking altogether.

Autism affects the way the brain functions, resulting in difficulties with communication and social interaction, and unusual patterns of behaviour, activities and interests. As of 2006, it's estimated that about 1% of all children, or one child in every 110, was classified as having an Autism.

While the exact cause of Autism is unknown, and there are no shortage of theories, ranging from vaccine use to vitamin D deficiency as an environmental trigger, this post will briefly review some nutritional research around diet and it's impact on autism symptoms.

Key measures to be followed
A correct History of the Child including the Behavior.

Noting down the expressions of the patient.

Physical complaints conditions of aggravation & Amelioration.

Education in special school to make them self efficient.

Approach to the patient based on individuality.

Selection of the remedy after analysis and evaluation.

To consider the response and the likely line of treatment.

Maintaining a Note book and noting the changes that occur to evaluate the case.
Dietary intervention

CEASE Therapy is clinically proven


 Autism Brain Body disorder


CEASE utilizes several holistic elements to form a systematic approach that helps people detox from physical and energetic blockages while bringing balance to the mind and body.  The elements used in CEASE are:

Homeopathy – the use of remedies in different potencies.  The remedies are produced by dilution and succession and are labeled according to their potency.  Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, the founder of homeopathy noted that if a certain potency had an impact, but had not yet finished healing the problem, often times a higher potency was needed to continue the healing process. 

Isotherapy – the use of pathogenic substances that have been prepared in homeopathic potencies.  For instance if a particular medication such as Prednisone is suspected to play a part in an illness, the homeopathic version of Prednisone will be used to help the body rid itself of the physical and energetic imprints that it has left on the body. 

Inspiring Homeopathy – A modern form of classical homeopathy developed by Dr. Smits to treat universal human problems.  Some themes uncovered by Dr. Smits include:  want of self-confidence, lack of love or self-love, not being grounded in the body, lack of protection, old traumas, etc.  The most frequently prescribed inspiring homeopathic remedies for children with autism are Cuprum metallicum and Saccharum officinale.  Cuprum helps with obsessiveness, inflexibility and tension (including tics and head banging).  Saccharum officinale helps to restore emotional contact with parents, siblings and classmates. 

Orthomolecular Medicine – nutritional supplements in therapeutic doses to nourish the brain and restore proper intestinal function.  In my practice, I have found enormous benefit from adding on Original Quinton Seawater Minerals, probiotics and enzymes to the traditional vitamin C, magnesium, zinc and fish oil recommend by Dr. Smits.

Nutrition - Give your child the best nutrition available, like fresh organic foods. Avoid packaged foods. By doing this you will prevent further toxicity from heavy metals, pesticides, flavor enhancers like MSG, artificial sweeteners, color additives, GMOs, preservatives and other waste products. Many studies have shown that there is a link between MSG and obesity, diabetes, migraines and headaches, autism, ADHD, and even Alzheimer's. 

CEASE Therapy is clinically proven, well researched and individualized treatment protocol that integrates the best homeopathic approaches as an overlay to the detoxification process. The benefits of CEASE Therapy include:

- Individualized treatment plan specific to each person

- Custom-made remedy packets specific to each person

- Resolution of digestive and gut-related issues

- Improvement of brain function

- Profound, deep-healing effect, physically, emotionally and mentally

- CEASE Protocol addresses causes, not just symptoms, including damage caused by vaccinations, iatrogenic drugs, and medications.

For the parents of an Autistic child:


  • Don’t judge the misbehavior of your Autistic child.
  • Don’t compare the Autistic child to other siblings or other kids.
  • Teach your other children and friends to appreciate the diversity and specialness of your child.
  • Include the Autistic child in your life.
  • Don’t give up. Have patience to re-teach anything and every thing.
  • Always remember that reinforcement, stimulus and task variation will help motivate Autistic children.
  • To neutralize the effects of mercury from your child’s body and to strengthen your child’s immune system, feed them Vitamin E, Vitamin C & Selenium rich foods like broccoli, brown rice, garlic, green leafy vegetables, whole grain foods, berries, citrus fruits, soybeans, etc.


Hence, consider Homeopathy as an excellent choice for the treatment of Autism as it will enhance your child’s ability to conquer Autism and improve his/her quality of life.

Causes of Autism:


  •           Genetic predisposition.
  •           Complications in pregnancy and child birth.
  •           Viral infections like Rubella during the first trimester of pregnancy.
  •           Maternal exposure to mercury (e.g., consumption of seafood high in mercury, mercury dental fillings, etc.).
  •           Exposure to certain other environmental toxins.
  •           Childhood vaccines.
  •           Digestive abnormalities or allergies to certain foods like dairy products.
  •           Lack of Glutathione (glutathione is an antioxidant and a detoxifying agent in your body).
  •           Candida Overgrowth.
  •           Foods containing Genetically Modified Organisms.
  •           A Hiatus Hernia that disrupts protein digestion.
  •           Excessive use of oral antibiotics.

 What are sign of Autism?

Symptoms of Food Autism:


  •           Onset before the age of three.
  •           Lack of eye contact or facial expression.
  •           Absence or delay of language.
  •           Difficulty in expressing needs, uses gestures.
  •           Inability to initiate and sustain conversation.
  •           Repetition of acts, words or phrases.
  •           Excessive possessiveness to objects like toys.
  •           Intellectual impairment.
  •           Laughing, crying without apparent cause and unnecessary tantrums.
  •           No fear of dangers.
  •           Physical hyper-activity or under-activity.
  •           Underdeveloped fine motor skills.
  •           Not responsive to verbal instructions or teaching methods with normal hearing.
  •           Failure to develop peer relationships or social interaction.
  •           Lack of emotional or social reciprocity.
  •           Over-sensitivity or under-sensitivity to pain.
  •           Lack of interest in the surrounding.
  •           Resistant to any change.
  •           Restlessness with constant fidgeting, spinning and swinging.
  •           Prefers being alone.
  •           Does not like to be cuddled.

Gluten & caesin role in autism

Leaky gut key role in developing Autistic Behavior in Childrens

Stress can send your stomach into a painful tailspin, causing cramps, spasms and grumbling. But trouble in the gut can also affect the brain.This two-way relationship may be an unlikely key to solving one of medicine's most mysteries termed as  autism.

Recent research shows that more than 50% of children with autism have GI symptoms, food allergies, and maldigestion or malabsorption issues . It’s obvious from talking to parents that GI problems are a major concern in children with autism

Autism is primarily a disorder of the brain, but research suggests that as many as nine out of 10 individuals with the condition also suffer from gastrointestinal problems such as inflammatory bowel disease and “leaky gut.” The latter condition occurs when the intestines become excessively permeable and leak their contents into the bloodstream.

The leakage of partially digested proteins as well as harmful bacteria and toxins into the bloodstream may cause the immune system to treat these molecules as foreign bodies and therefore ‘learn’ to attack them, leading to the development of food allergies, inflammatory responses and the production of free radicals, (highly reactive, unstable molecules) that cause cellular damage and are implicated in a range of serious health conditions.

One of the most significant consequences of leaky gut is hepatic stress, which is stress on the liver and its vital detoxification functions. 

Probably the most familiar aspect of leaky gut syndrome is its association with gluten and casein allergy. The peptides derived from the proteins in wheat and milk (gluteomorphin/gliadorphin and casomorphin) would, under normal circumstances, be too large to be absorbed through the gut wall into the bloodstream, but are allowed to pass through under the conditions defined by leaky gut syndrome. These peptides act as opioids, where they replicate the effects of opiate drugs and can cause significant problems with speech, communication, behaviour and social skills as well as various other effects similar to those of opiate drugs, including addiction. This may cause some people with autism to crave foods that are high in gluten and casein.

Scientists have long wondered whether the composition of bacteria in the intestines, known as the gut microbiome, might be abnormal in people with autism and drive some of these symptoms.  These  say that undigested food particles can pass through the "leaky" bowel wall and into the rest of body, leading to a large number of conditions ranging from migraines to autism.Now a spate of new studies supports this notion and suggests that restoring proper microbial balance could alleviate some of the disorder's behavioral symptoms.



Homoeopathic Treatment:

Homeopathy can be remarkably effective on the overwhelming condition of Autism. There are a number of features that make Homeopathy exclusive and desirable to parents of kids with Autism. Homeopathy offers a wider range of option than conventional medicine. Rather than prescribing strong and addictive drugs, Homeopathic treatment of Autism is constitutional having a holistic approach and believing in the concept of treating the whole person. Hence, Homeopathic remedies take into account the patient's mental, emotional and physical attributes. If Autism is inherited due to a vaccine reaction or a toxin then Homeopathic remedies will help with detoxification by promoting the immune system. Homeopathic medicines are safe and free of side effects as they are prepared from natural substances under strict guidelines established by the FDA. This is favorable to patients with autistic disorders as many of them are very sensitive overall and to medication. Generally, the changes from Homeopathic treatment are slow and progressive. Homeopathic treatment is not a quick fix but needs perseverance over a long period of time. Constitutional Homeopathic treatment with the management of an experienced and professional Homeopath is an excellent choice for the treatment of Autism.

There is Special schooling required in these children.Instead of fear of punishment teach them things politely as much as possible .Patience is Real key to sucess.Please do not force doctor for result .Wait for results to appear as changing medicine frequently is not good thing.

If Parents come in early age of four to six year these childrens can attend normal schooling in future .

Broadly it can be done as follows.

  1. Speech & Behavioral therapy : one must continue to engage the kids with quality speech and behavioral therapy as these kids lack the ability to learn spontaneously..
  2. Supplements and detoxification of body. Since they suffer from deficiencies they will regularly need supplement. In fact because in some kids there is excess gut permeability causing "Leaky Gut". These kids show significant improvement when we remove "Gluten" and "Casein" from their diet. What is now popular as "GFCF" diet.
  3. Finally, treatment with Homeopathic medicines. It is described in detail below

Using Homeopathy we can effect changes under following categories.

  • Brain : Improving the blood supply and aiding in development of nervous tissues by using low potency remedies which have affinity towards nervous tissues.
  • Treating individual behavioral symptoms by using Homeopathic remedy like Tarentula, Hyoscymus etc.
  • Treating recurrent infections – HomoeopathIc remedies like Carcinosin, Morbilinum, Tuberculinum  etc.
  • Improving endocrinal functions.
  • Treating illnesses like Dysbiosis, Mal-absorption, Mal-digestion, Colicky pain, Leaky Gut, Constipation, Diarrhea, Irregular Appetite, Food Allergies (Wheat, Sugar, and Cow's milk) by using Homeopathic Bowel nosodes with Pre & Probiotics.
  • Controlling various deficiencies by supplements.
  • Detoxification : Using Low potency Homeopathy can help in reducing the toxic load.

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