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Crohn’s disease is a chronic  inflam­matory gastro-intestinal disease that can affect the whole  digestive tract from mouth to anus but favours the lower part of the  small bowels. It can cause symptoms of bowel inflammation, such as  abdominal pain, diarrhoea and general malaise and it can cause  ulcer­ations in the mouth or anus and anal fissures. But it is also  sometimes accom­panied by manifestations outside of the digestive tract,  such as arthritis, inflam­mation of the eyes, inflammation of the  sacroiliac joint and skin rashes. One of its complications is the  stricture of parts of the bowels due to long standing in­flammation  which then usually requires surgical intervention. Acute episodes are  usually treated with oral steroids and long-term maintenance treatment  often consists of immuno-suppressive agents and medicines used in the  treatment of some forms of cancer.

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