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Dactylitis or sausage digit is inflammation of an entire digit a finger in hands or toe in feet ,and can be painful.

The word dactyl comes from the Greek word "daktylos" meaning "finger". In its medical term, it refers to both the fingers and the toes.

Dactylitis is severe inflammation of the finger and toe joints. The puffy nature of the inflammation can make your digits look like sausages. Severe dactylitis can make your fingers so rigid that you can no longer make a fist.

Dactylitis is a type of inflammation in the fingers or toes. Symptoms include swelling in one or more digits, often affecting the entire hand or foot. 

Dactylitis is a valuable clue in the differential diagnosis of arthritis. Compared with the wider spectrum in children, sausage-shaped digits have only a few known causes in adults: Reiter's syndrome, psoriatic arthritis, sarcoidosis, flexor tendon sheath infections, and gout. In our series, the presence of dactylitis eliminated rheumatoid arthritis from the differential diagnosis. 

Dactylitis was observed in 12% of individuals with spondyloarthropathy, 17% with sarcoidosis, and 5% with gout, but not in 96 patients with rheumatoid arthritis or in 2,434 patients with osteoarthritis, neck or back pain, or collagen vascular diseases. Among individuals with spondyloarthropathy, dactylitis was present in 22% with psoriatic, 28% with Reiter's syndrome, and only 7% with undifferentiated spondyloarthropathy. Gouty dactylitis was found only in individuals with polyarticular disease.

In sickle-cell disease it is manifested for the first time between 6-9 month old infants (as their protective fetal hemoglobin, HbF, is replaced with adult hemoglobin and the disease manifests) and is very often the presenting sign of the disorder.

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