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Dr Makkar Clinic In Punjab India Asia has been awarded "BEST SEX CLINIC OF THE Mohali,Punjab,India as give same National Business & Service Achievers, 2015 " FOR OUTSTANDING ACHIEVMENTS IN TREATMNET OF SEXUAL RPOBLEMS"

Sexual disorders are disturbances in the sexual response which may be due physical or mental disturbances. Homeopathic Medicines act by increasing blood supply and exciting the nerves. It is also helpful in sexual disorders associated with psychological disturbances. The Homeopathic Treatment gives a feeling of wellness and thus regains the vigor.Discuss your Sex Problems with a Sexologist / Sex Specialist Doctor as early as possible otherwise it can spoil your Personality.

In allopathy (English Medicine) single specialist cannot manage all sexual problems reason focus is only sex .They give viagra for increasing effect of blood pressure increase erection.With time side effect rises so patient feel headache & high blood pressure which is outcome of wrong treatment . It is needed to understand patient as a whole for eg sexual problem rises from blood pressure,obesity,drugs (anticonvulsive ,antihypertensive) ,diabeties with proper case taking we can find out cause & remove the cause so that it will not happen again.

Sexuality is a secret and most sensitive aspect of every individual's personality. People hardly share there feeling or problem with family or Doctors .There is lots of confidetiality & Trust requires.Every person undergoes various phases of his life i.e. childhood, adolescence, youth, elderly and old age. During these phases he/she may suffer from some sexual problem, which in turn can create low self-esteem & low self-respect.These persons suffering from sexual problems are always in search of a doctor who can treat their problem. In reproductive health, Dr Gurpreet Singh Makkar offers his patients the most comfortable, modern, and effective treatment available with specialities like Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Psychiatry, Endocrinology, Urology, Andrology etc.

Yet Sexual Health is often ignored in Medical fraternity. Sexual Medicine is emerging as a separate speciality to cater the needs of those who have sexual problems.

Common Male Problem in Sexual life treatment by Dr Makkar

  • Impotency: No or week erection of penis without hardness even after strong stimulation by the female partner is called as impotency. The penis is unable to penetrate the vagina because of inefficient hardness of penis. Sometimes impotency may primarily be due to hormonal imbalance or may be temporary even after normal performance or due to psychological factor. In hormonal imbalance modern hormonal therapy is beneficial otherwise most of the cases may solved by counseling and or may need Homeopathic medicine.
  • Premature ejaculation: Normal time of penetrative sexual intercourse is 3to 13 minutes. Ejaculation before 3 minutes or in other words before the satisfaction of lady is called as early ejaculation. Premature ejaculation may be so early that it may be even before penetration or even without erection. Problem can be solved by counseling if the time of ejaculation is more than 3 minutes as there may be female factors also as well as sex technique playing the important factor for sexual satisfaction of both the partners while others may need  Homeopathic medicine .
  • No orgasm: No satisfaction after sexual intercourse due to no ejaculation of semen or very small quantity of ejaculate otherwise normal erection and hardness. Needs medicine and best medicines in these cases are Homeopathic medicines.
  • Blood stained ejaculate/ semen: This is the more aggravated form of the small quantity or no semen after sexual intercourse and need Best Homeopathic medicine treatment but if the semen is blood stained with large quantity of semen it may be due to some infection which needs proper medicine to cure.
  • Painful erections: It is also due to small quantity of semen and need Best Proper Homeopathic medicine which are very good for production of semen.
  • No interest in sexual indulgence: Need counseling and Homeo medicine and hormonal therapy.
  • Phymosis: Phymosis i.e. small opening of fore skin of penis due to which stimulations are weak. It can cause hindrance in erections. Needs surgical intervention in major cases minor cases Homeopathy can control.
  • Long foreskin of penis: Causes similar problem as Phymosis. Also need surgical intervention.
  • High attached and thick frenulum: Frenulum is a fold of mucous membrane which attaches lower part of glance penis to the lower skin of shaft of penis. Sometimes it is thick and attached high up to urethra which causes hindrance in erection and hardness ultimately causing curvature of shaft with convexity upward and concavity facing downward and also glans penis pointing downward even in erect position. This causes difficulty in penetration. Surgical intervention necessary. It is wise for the parents to see for the problem of Phymosis, long foreskin and high attached and thick Frenulum in childhood and get that operated in time to avoid abnormal development of Penis.
  • Small sized penis: Normal size of penis during erection is about 6” to 9” but with 4” size can satisfy a woman equally as normal size of vagina is 4” with cervics at 3” length so the penis touches cervices easily to satisfy the woman. Moreover satisfaction of the woman depends more upon hardness, duration and posture being used at the time of intercourse.. Penis less than 4” need treatment preferably Best Medicine which is Homeopathic medicine.
  • Prostatorhoea / ‘Dhatu’: Prostate secretion-a thick jelly like discharge at the time of passing stool and or voiding urine. Can be treated homeopathically both with very good results.
  • Atrophy of sex organs: Sex organs start shrinking after attaining the normal size which may be due to some disease or injury to the organs. Only hope is Homeopathic medicine in advanced cases.




Sexual Disorder Classified by Dr Makkar (Homeopathic Sexologist)

Sexual disorders are classified into four categories

Sexual desire disorder- May be due to the decrease in the normal production of oestrogens and testosterone. Other causes being ageing, fatigue and pregnancy. Some psychological causes such as Anxiety and Depression also causes low libido.

Sexual Arousal disorder- Grouped as frigidity in women and impotence in male. Impotence now known as erectile dysfunction is characterised by difficulty to maintain erection of penis during sexual activity.

Orgasm disorder- Is a delay or absence of orgasm following the normal sexual excitement phase. It occurs in both male and female.

Sexual pain disorder- It mostly affects the women, known as Dysparuinia known as painful intercourse caused due to insufficient lubrication. Vaginismus known as spasm of muscles of vaginal wall.

Homeopathic Sexual Treatment by Dr Makkar Homeopathic Sexologist

In homeopathic treatment, By Dr Makkar Homeopathic Sexologist  the whole person is taken into consideration, not just the immediate symptoms. With homeopathy your treatment is decided after a qualified homeopathic  sexologist "takes your case." A consultation with a qualified homeopathic will invest a great deal of time and care in asking questions to uncover your constitution.A skilled homeopath will assess in great detail the patient's health and characteristics, and will then select a remedy that will alleviate the symptoms' severity and frequency while also addressing any underlying imbalances that helped cause the symptoms to be expressed.

Dr Makkar Homeopathic Sexologist  in giving tailor-made medication to patients depending on their personality traits. This, she says, helps to fasten the process of recovery by addressing mental and emotional issues along with physical ones.

Unlike most other treatment methodologies , we do not believe in a generalized cure for a specific disease. Remedies that a homeopath uses are tailor-made for every patient. While the physical aspect of the disease has to be dealt with separately, it also becomes important to deal with the underlying emotional or mental state which can be affected by a number of factors," he explained. 



Common Female Problem in Sexual life treatment by Dr Makkar

Females being the passive partners in sexual intercourse have very few sexual problems on their part. But most of the sex problems of males arise from the improper behavior of females during sexual intercourse which depend upon the sex problems females have at their own. So it is very important on the part of females also to get their problems solved and cooperate voluntarily and happily during sexual intercourse to have the best performances of her partner. Common female sex problems are as follow-

  • Dysparunia: i.e., pain during sexual intercourse thus disturbing attention at the time of intercourse which effects orgasm and ultimately loss of sexual interest in females and loss of vigor in males. Needs counseling and medicinal treatment Pathy to be adopted depends upon whether she is newly wedded or is having the problem after having painless intercourses for sometime.
  • No interest in sexual intercourse which effects personal relationship with husband and ultimately social life. Side by side counseling of both the partners is required along with medicinal treatment of female partner.
  • Nymphomania i.e., sexual instinct increased up to sexual madness causing insomnia and other disorders of mania. Needs early treatment.
  • Vaginal inflammation and ulceration after every sexual intercourse Requires counseling and medicinal treatment.
  • Vaginismus - Vaginal itching. Requires medical advice for any infection but may be a symptom of Nymphomania also.
  • Imperforated hymen or semi perforated thick hymen thus avoiding penetration of penis during sexual intercourse. Needs surgical intervention.
  • Small sized vagina unable to accommodate penis. Only counseling can solve the problem in some cases while others may need vaginal dilation or surgical intervention.
  • Atrophic or undeveloped sex organs: May be hormonal problem Needs hormonal investigations. Best Homeopathy  can solve the problem in few cases.
  • Gushing of fluid during sexual intercourse. Needs medicinal treatment.
  • Other genital infections causing Leucorrhoea etc. can alter sexual behavior and should be treated accordingly.
  • Behavior disorders like Insomnia, Irritation and quarrelsome behavior due to no sexual satisfaction or over sexual indulgence. Need counseling at the level of both the partners.
  • Physical weakness after sexual intercourse-needs counseling and medicinal treatment in few cases.

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You will not suffer any side effects usually associated with the use of certain medications for the treatment of sexual problems.

  • Treatment is fully confidential and guarantees your privacy.. 
  • Your treatment will not be generic (One Size Fits All), which means that we will customize your treatment according to your specific sexual problem, eliminating the root cause and provide you with a long lasting and safe solution.
  • Online consultation ensures that you can now access the treatment from anywhere in India or even the world.
  • Quick consultation turnaround time means that you can get your problem diagnosed and treated very fast and be on your way to enjoying great sex with your partner at the soonest.

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