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The term dyslexia covers a range of symptoms and learning difficulties related to the written word. As such, no single cause for dyslexia has been pinpointed. Possible hypotheses suggest a genetic predisposition, an abnormality in the corpus callosum, a faulty neurological path or a rapid-processing sensory deficit. Income level, sex, race or IQ have dyslexia. Dyslexic people are visual thinkers, so it’s hard for them to understand letters, numbers, symbols or written words, which leads to problems with reading, writing, math and attention focus. Have you been observing that your child, who is otherwise intelligent, is faltering words while reading, and is stressed to meet average eloquence and comprehension objectives? If your child has difficulty with articulacy, is reading word by word at a sluggish pace, is having trouble identifying words and is not performing well in school then he or she possibly has a medical condition termed Dyslexia. Dyslexia is a learning disorder, which weakens a person's proficiency to read and spell. To understand Dyslexia you must be familiar with the process of reading. From birth to age three, a child listens to words and discovers how to speak. From three to four years of age their vocabulary grows and they learn to rhyme. At six years of age, they gain knowledge of merging letter sounds smoothly into words, and they initiate reading plain sentences. At seven to eight years of age, a child learns to read smoothly with comprehension. The left hemisphere of the brain is the core centre for processing language. Verbal communication reaches the brain efficiently through the right ear, as the right ear communicates directly with the left hemisphere. When the right ear dominance is not attained then the child perceives sounds in a disorderly sequence, and the sound connects with the brain at varying speeds, which elucidates errors of reversal such as writing "was" or "saw", "bat" or "dat". Even though their distinctive brain makes reading, writing, and spelling complicated, most people with Dyslexia are talented in areas controlled by the right hemisphere of the brain. They can be creative, athletic, and have a high intellect, but still not fare well academically.

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