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Epilepsy – is again an umbrella term used for a group of disorders arising in the brain (especially in cerebral cortex) – Epilepsy is a type of seizure disorder which has recurrent episode of seizures. It just means a chronic seizure tendency (which comes / recurs recurrently or repeatedly). Having seizure for the first time or during high temperature (febrile fits) should not be diagnosed as epilepsy.

In epilepsy, recurrent episode of conduction error occurs in the brain causing momentary loss / disturbance in consciousness, paroxysmal hyper synchronous jerky movements, violent contractions, drowsiness, headache and confusion. The abnormality may be noted in motor or psychic or sensory plane. It may be idiopathic (with unknown cause) or symptomatic (with known cause). As seizures, epilepsy can also be focal or generlised. Its nature, character, symptom presentation and intensity varies from person to person and triggering foci in the brain. Usually, it has 3 phases, i.e. Aura (starting phase), Ictus phase (attack) and Post ictus phase (exhausted ending phase).

Aura – It is an altered (subjective / notion) feeling which alarms or warns the arrival of epilepsy. It can last for a minute to a day. It may be felt as altered sensation in hearing, vision, taste, smell, feeling, sensations, etc. Its presentation of feeling may vary from person to person. Aura signals commonly arise in the temporal lobe.

Ictus – means the suffering period or attack of epilepsy. The suffering nature may also differ in different individuals with symptoms of loss of conscious, jerky movements (tonic / clonic contractions), sustained contractions / rigidity / spasms, catch / gasp in breath, drooling and frothing saliva, etc.

Post Ictus – It is the ending phase of suffering. Sufferer may feel exhausted, tiredness, body pain, (due to violent jerky movements) confusion, sleepiness, lack of concentration, etc., for a day or two.

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