Fitula fissure in ano Homeopathic treatment


A very painful channel created between the rectal canal and the skin around the surface of the anus. At times, there is pus formation and slight bleeding. Fistula-in-Ano is a track, lined by granulation tissue which opens deeply in the anal canal or rectum and superficially on the skin around the anus. It arises from anorectal abscess due to blocked infection in anal glands lying between the two layers of anal sphincters. It can extend to the lower back, subscrotal region, vagina etc. It is characterized by swelling, pain, inflammation and discharge of pus leading to discomfort and uneasiness. It can be managed by various ways according to the pathology associated to it and sometimes treatment and surgery helps with healing process. According to the medical Dictionaries A fistula is an abnormal tunnel connecting two body cavities (such as the rectum and the vagina) or a body cavity to the skin (like the rectum to the outside of the body). One way a fistula may form is from an abscess - a pocket of pus in the body. The abscess may be constantly filling with body fluids such as stool or urine, which prevents healing. Eventually the fistula breaks through to the skin, another body cavity, or an organ. Fistulas are more common in Cohn's disease than in ulcerative colitis. Approximately one quarter of people with Cohn's disease develop fistulas.Fistulas often occur in the area around the genitals and anus (known as the perineum).

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