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Ganglion is a small cystic tumor containing viscid fluid and connected either with a joint membrane or tendon sheath. It is usually appears on or around joints and tendons in the hand or foot. The size of the cyst can vary over time. It is most frequently located around the wrist and on the fingers. A cyst containing muco polysaccharide rich fluid within fibrous tissue or, occasionally, muscle bone or a semilunar cartilage, usually attached to a tendon sheath in the hand, wrist, or foot. Sometimes it is containing cell bodies of neurons that is located outside the central nervous system and forms an enlargement upon a nerve or upon two or more nerves at their point of junction or separation. It is called nerve ganglion, neural ganglion, and neuro ganglion. Nowadays, we see ganglion and lipoma occurring commonly. Both make the person suffer more cosmetically than due to the real symptoms. Unlike lipoma (a connective tissue tumour which is infiltrated with fatty tissue), which can occur anywhere in the body, ganglion mostly occurs in the wrist. There is difference of opinion with the origin and treatment of ganglion. Whatever may be the cause or origin, Homeopathy can answer it very well, without any painful procedure.

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