High Cholestrol hyper lipidaemia Homeopathic Treatment


Keeping your Cardio vascular system healthy is a significant part of maintaining good quality of life. Our blood cholesterol level has a lot to do with chances of getting a heart disease. Cholesterol is an essential fatty substance made by the liver and is necessary for certain metabolic functions. Cholesterol itself is not harmful but when our bodies make too much cholesterol or too much is absorbed from the foods that we eat, it leads to the formation of plaque that accumulates in and blocks the arteries, as a result of which less blood and oxygen can get to the heart leading to a heart attack. Being insoluble in blood, cholesterol is circulated around the body with the help of protein carriers called lipoproteins Today risk of heart attack has cautioned the world to control hyperlipidaemia – high level of lipids (fat or cholesterol or triglycerides) in blood. Obesity also blames hyperlipidaemia. Likewise, cholesterol or fat is now blamed for all sorts of problems from acne, ulcers, gall stones, heart diseases, vascular diseases, cerebrovascular disorders, impotency, deranged mental health, increased blood pressure, ulcers and even indigestion. Cosmopolitan people prefer a lean body structure without any fatness. But no one can deny the Cholesterol need of fat for good structuring of our body and its functions. Fat is very essential and found everywhere in the body i.e. in the skin, nerves, tissues, other organs, blood, etc. It provides lots and lots of benefits for the body: It covers our body like an insulating blanket (layer) and acts as the energy-giving heater. Emaciated persons, who have less fat covering, will usually have low body temperature and feel cold very easily. It gives a cushioning effect to the body. It is very essential for our body functions and health. It acts as a reservoir of energy, more than sugar, i.e. Cholesterol stored fat may be utilised for 3-6 weeks in case of starvation or fasting. As they say, butter is better for longer trips. It aids in absorption of fat soluble vitamins A, D, E & K. Fat metabolism is an alternative metabolism during lack of carbohydrates. It is very essential for synthesis of hormones and bile salts. It controls the water permeability of the skin cells, so it controls excess evaporation. Lipid is essential for clotting, if platelet is deprived of it, blood will not coagulate. Equal to its goodness, cholesterol in excess is harmful. Cholesterol itself is not harmful but Cholesterol becomes harmful when it gets oxidised by free radicals. Cholesterol required for our body is usually sourced from foods (vegetable or animal) or can be synthesised in the liver. The excess intake of fats initially gets deposited in the adipose layer of the skin. Then, it is stored in the liver. The excess fat stored in the liver makes liver fatty and hard. It then gradually gets released in a sustained manner according to the requirements, if there is any. The rich sources of fat are the liver of sheep, beef, fish oils, meat, butter, ghee, nuts, seeds, grains, cereals and pulses. Continuous deposition of fat can cause weight gain. All fat people will not have high cholesterol in blood, since obesity may be part of their constitution. Likewise, even a lean person can have high cholesterol level in blood. So, it is more concerned with mobilisation & utilisation of fat.

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