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Human papillomavirus(HPV) is a widespread, sexually transmitted infection (STI).

An infection that causes warts in various parts of the body, depending on the strain.

Human papillomavirus (HPV) is the most common sexually transmitted infection (STI).

Many people with HPV don't develop any symptoms but can still infect others through sexual contact.

Symptoms may include warts on the genitals or surrounding skin.

There's no cure for the virus and warts may go away on their own.

Treatment focuses on removing the warts. A vaccine that prevents the HPV strains most likely to cause genital warts and cervical cancer is recommended for boys and girls.

It has become well-known due to its link to cervical cancer in female .Testicular cancer in males. While not everyone with HPV will develop cervical cancer, HPV increases the risk. The main feature of HPV is genital warts, but not all will develop them.  Even though HPV is called an STI, it can be transmitted through non-sexual routes like hand to hand contact, or from mother to child during a vaginal delivery,unsafe Sex,Homosexual groups .

Micro abrasions in the surface epithelium permit the entrance of HPV into the cell where it targets the basal layer of the stratified squamous epithelium.

The metaplastic cells of the squamocolumnar junction of the cervix and oropharynx are also targets.

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