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An individual with successive blood pressure readings above 130/80 within a short duration needs to be examined and treated without delay. High blood pressure can initiate much early in life and most of the time goes unnoticed for many years. Blood pressure is the force of blood pushing against blood vessel walls. The heart pumps blood into the arteries, which carry the blood throughout the body. Blood pressure refers to the pressure within the arterial walls and adjusts according to the body's changeable need for amount of oxygen and nutrients. Hypertension is hazardous because it makes the heart work harder to pump blood to the body and it contributes to hardening of the arteries and further developing heart failure. HYPERTENSION(High Blood Pressure) generally diagnosed on the basis of a persistently high blood pressure. Hypertension or high blood pressure is a chronic medical condition in which the systemic arterial blood pressure is elevated. It is the opposite of hypotension. "A man's life may be said to be a gift of his blood pressure, just as Egypt is a gift of the Nile". So said Sir William Osler, an icon of modern medicine and the man said to be the most influential physician in history. Sir Osler may be indeed right, as arterial pressure is essential for sustaining life, the most important factor which ensures that the circulation of blood reaches all the tissues in our body. At the same time, an elevated blood pressure can be most inimical to life, if persisting over a period of time. Hypertension affects up to a quarter of the adult population. The prevalence depends on the age, racial composition and the criteria used to define the condition. In a white population, 20% of the adults in the age group 35 - 65 years have a diastolic blood pressure in the range 90 - 109 mm Hg, 4 - 5% have a range of 110 - 129 mm Hg, and 0.5% have blood pressure levels > 130 mm Hg. The prevalence is even higher in the non white population.

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