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You've been trying for months, and still there's no baby on the way. Inability to conceive can accentuate stress on your marriage, have an impact on your self esteem, and even challenge your womanhood. Infertility is elucidated as failure in getting pregnant after a year of persistent trying or having repeated miscarriages or inability of a man in impregnating a woman. In order to have a baby an egg must be unconfined from a woman’s ovary and pass through a fallopian tube towards the uterus, a man’s sperm must unite with the egg along the way, and the fertilized egg must affix to the inside of the uterus. Problems that hinder any of these steps either in a man or woman can conclude in Infertility. About 1 in 7 couples can have some problems conceiving a baby. However, over 8 in 10 couples having regular sex (every two to three days) will conceive within one year if the woman is aged under 40 years. In addition, of those couples who do not conceive in the first year, about half will do so in the second year. There are various causes of infertility, both in men and in women. However, there will be no reason found for the infertility in about 3 in 10 cases. In around 4 out of 10 cases disorders are found in both the man and the woman. Some reasons are easier to treat than others. This leaflet gives some general advice for couples trying to conceive and outlines the reasons why some couples have problems.

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