Leucorrhoea white discharge Homeopathic treatment


Leucorrhoea commonly known as white discharge, refers to a whitish discharge from the female genitals(organs). Leucorrhoea is common among the women of almost all ages the world over. This diseases was recognised thousands of years ago by the ancient therapists in the ancient societies like India, Greece and China. It could be embossing, painful and may cause lot of discomfort, stress and even affect the sexual preferences and libido. It may be mild to severe, and varies from person to person. The vaginal discharge plays very important role in maintaining a healthy vagina. The secretions are designed to flush out bacteria and other tiny organisms to prevent infection. Normal vaginal discharge is odorless and a clear or pale milky color. Recent investigations have shown that secretions from the uterus and upper part of the vagina flow down and are reabsorbed in the lower parts of the vagina. This is the normal constant flow within the female genitals(organs).

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