Lichen Planus Homeopathic Treatment


Lichen Planus is a chronic skin disease which is not serious, but definitely an uncomfortable disease situation . It is non contagious infection means not spreading one person to other with contact.Some cases can be very serious and painful. Unless, Lichen Planus receives proper treatment it can become everely frustrating and stubborn . Lichen Planus is a progressive and chronic skin condition which has no particular causes;Immune system dysfunction  hence, it requires constitutional and holistic treatment .

Lichen Planus is a skin Rash Triggered by Immune System here instead of saving us start attacking us here Homeopathy is only sytem correct Autoimmune System & save us from Spreading further.

It can affect skinoral mucosatonguescalpgenitals and nails. However, it is less likely that it affects all the areas as stated, at the same time. It has a tendency to relapse after some months or years. Females are more frequently affected as compared to the male counterpart, however, uncommon to find it in children. 

Over 1.9% of the total population is affected by Lichen Planus

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