Lipoma benign tumour homeopathic treatment

Do you have a number of lipoma lumps in your body?

Have you ever wondered why your body develops Lipoma lumps?

Would you love to safely cure your lipoma lumps without surgery?

When anybody develops lipoma ----they usually consult a surgeon. Homeopathy is usually not thought as an option for lipomas as it is considered as a pure surgical disorder.There are many things in the world which are not fully understood. One among them in the medical world is lipoma.

Lipoma is a benign (non-malignant or non-cancerous) tumour of adipose tissue (fat). It is a soft, localised, well circumscribed, painless swelling located mainly in the subcutaneous tissues (i.e. just under the skin) of the head, neck, shoulders, hands, legs and back.
What is adipose tissue?Adipose tissues are nothing but fat. It is a combined product (esterification) of fatty acids (contains carbon, hydrogen and oxygen) and glycerin. Humans are usually covered with adipose tissue as a blanket which gives beauty and keeps the body warm and soft. The adipose tissue not only functions as an insulating layer which prevents heat loss but also acts as a reservoir and source of energy release with fat metabolism.

Nowadays, food is mostly prepared with oil since it improves taste. Oils are very rich sources of fat. Even though fat is essential for absorbing fat soluble vitamins vitamin A, D, E and K, excess fat often causes high cholesterol level, obesity, endocrine hormonal disorders, arteriosclerosis, coronary heart diseases, etc., confirming the proverb, anything in excess makes waste.

Causes of Lipoma

Unknown. Many people relate the causative factor with eating fatty things and being obese, but nothing is true or scientific. They are sometimes supposed to run in the family.


Symptoms of Lipoma:

 Except swelling or mass which causes cosmetic disfigurement, no other symptoms are usually seen.
Characteristics of lipoma:
Usually it will be round or oval in shape with variable size
It is freely movable and is not attached to the skin or deeper tissues 
It is smooth in surface, rubbery in consistency and slippery in the edges
Their margins are well-defined and feel as if the swelling is enclosed in a capsule
It grows very slowly.

Types of lipoma

Superficial Subcutaneous lipoma: The most common type of lipoma rests just below the surface of the skin occurring commonly on the forearm, trunk and thighs. Since lipomas are made up of fat, they may occur anywhere on the body where fat is found.

Neural fibrolipoma: Here fatty infiltration of the nerve leads to its compression causing neurological symptoms.

Angiolipoma: These are painful, subcutaneous lipomas containing an unusually large number of vascular channels.

Intramuscular Lipomas: They are commonly found deep within the large muscles of the extremities.

Spindle cell lipomas: These are slow-growing subcutaneous lipomas usually found on the back, neck, and shoulders of older men.

Homoeopathic Treatment:

As described in the article above Lipoma has unknown causes. Homoeopathy follows an individualistic approach towards patients suffering from Lipoma we believe that every individual is different and thus a full in-depth case study is the first step. Then referring to the risk factors the individual was subjected too, a particular line of treatment is adopted. The usual conventional treatment provides only surgical option. On the other hand our deep acting constitutional medicine cure the disease in depth rendering the patient free from the disease
The response to treatment can differ from one individual to another patients are advised to consult so that the mode of treatment can be discussed pertaining to their particular case .

Homeopathic treatment can cure lipoma is the treatment at early stage when it is diagnosed. Homeopathy works on lipoma in following ways:
• The newly diagnosed lipoma can be completely cured by homeopathy.
• Homeopathic remedies can prevent of new lipoma formation.
• Growth of existing lipomas can be arrested.
• The size of the existing lipomas can also be reduced (the lipoma is softened and flattened, so that it becomes less noticeable).
• In relieving the discomfort and pain if exists, associated with a lipoma.. 

Even though nobody thinks of Homeopathy for lipoma, considering it as a pure surgical disorder, Homeopathy can treat lipoma. Like other systems of medicines, there is no guarantee for complete cure in Homeopathy also. But Homeopathy treatment can surely arrest new lipoma formation and continued growth of existing lipomas. Also there will be reduction in size of the lipomas to residuals i.e., swelling gets softened and flattened, so that visibility can be reduced. Better results can be attained if treatment is started earlier – just after diagnosis. If it is in initial stages, it will disappear completely. The treatment procedure will be a slow process. There is no other go for fast relief except surgery. In Homeopathy, removal of lipoma by surgery is considered removal of the effects of the disease and not removal of the cause or disease itself. So there will be recurrence of the disease. Homeopathy treatment can abort this tendency by improving the immune system.

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