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It is a condition which is characterized by severe headache usually in one or both sides of the head. Migraine which occurs in episodes is usually accompanied by nausea, hypersensitivity to light and noise. Migraine means severe one-sided headache which often disables the sufferer while he/she is concentrating or working.The word Migraine is French in origin comes from Greek word hemicrania which means one half of the head. Women are affected three times more often than men. This has been related to the hormonal changes occurring in females during their lifetime. It commonly arises from a spot. It is usually accompanied by irritability of the mind and disturbances in special senses (vision, hearing, taste, smell, touch, etc.) and abdominal symptoms. Its intolerable intensity and recurrent nature make every sufferer worrisome. Unless one suffered and conquers headache, one cannot understand its severity. A migraine is an episodic type of headache that may occur with symptoms such as giddiness, nausea, vomiting, or sensitivity to light. Many people feel a throbbing pain only on one side of the head.Most patient feel Lying in Dark room releive symptoms. Brain , the superior always wins in worthiness over the heart. For example, The advanced medical world cannot even replace a single neuron of brain, compared to the heart where medical advances by-pass the heart with instruments, replaces its valves and controls it with pacemaker. The brain can control the heart. Brain can also prove its worthiness naturally with its presence in a safe skull vault, compared to the heart in a rib cage The brain is worth so much as it is the most important, sensitive organ which controls our body. It is more powerful than any other modern computer. Diseases of the brain usually disable a person or make life collapse. Migraine is one of those diseases which affects it. But still no one can confirm migraine is pain of the brain since the brain is senseless, i.e., it doesn't have any pain-sensitive nerve fibres. Altogether, the brain is a mystery. Medical studies claim that pain is due to over-stretching of blood vessels, but why it is overstretched to supply more and more blood to the brain is unknown. Anyway, the brain must be the main causative factor/ultimate culprit as it wants more blood.

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