Nocturnal emission Spermatorrhoea Swapandosh male Homeopathic Treatment

Many young teenage boys, and even some men, waking up in the middle of the night with wet sheets and underpants. They experience something called Nocturnal emission(night fall)swapnadoshs, or "wet dreams." Nocturnal emission(night fall)swapnadosh is the technical term for the experience of having an orgasm and then ejaculation while sleeping. There is a difference between nocturnal orgasms and Nocturnal emission(night fall)swapnadoshs, because males can have a nocturnal orgasm (a sexual climax) without ejaculating (an emission of fluids, including semen). Females have nocturnal orgasms as well, but there is no emission (as explained in another section). The important thing to understand is that there is nothing wrong with a male if he experiences a nocturnal orgasm or nocturnal emission, as they are normal and healthy experiences.

Nightfall is generally a matter of concern in teen age but can happen at any age. Spots on undergarments due to nightfall generally become a source of embarrassment. But generally it is not a big health problem and almost everybody must have experienced wet dreams.

There are many causes of this health problem. But, weakness of nerves is considered to be prime cause for excessive nightfall problem in men. Nerves connect reproductive organs with brain. It is essential for reproductive system to connect with brain in an efficient way. Weakness of nerves disturbs the connectivity between brain and reproductive system. In particular, ejaculatory mechanism is an important part of reproductive system that decides when to ejaculate seminal fluid. When connectivity of ejaculatory mechanism and brain is disturbed, then problem of excessive nightfall problem in men arise. Weakness of nerves also gives rise to several other sexual health problems, for example premature ejaculation, and erectile dysfunction.

Clear cuts about sperm count

  • Frequent sex/masturbation usually have low sperm count. This is normal and temporary. Here normal count can be revived by 4 -5 days of sexual abstinence.
  • Building masculinity will not increase sperm count. Sometimes strenuous exercise can cause a slow down
  • Sleeplessness and depression can also cause low sperm count
  • Childhood intensive small pox/mumps can cause testicular failure and cause Azoospermia – (Nil sperm count)
  • No one can store sperms for a long time. Its life ends naturally, as time passes. Also, it is important to note that semen ejaculated after a prolonged time will have many dead sperms.
  • Nuts, dry fruits (dates, etc.), fruits, vegetables and oats can improve sperm count.
  • Good habits, good nutrition and good sleep can provide good count.


The only problem with a Nocturnal emission(night fall)swapnadosh we can think of is the wet spot it leaves. Starting between the ages of 10 and 12, males begin going through the process of puberty. During this stage, teenage boys start to produce sperm and gain the ability to ejaculate. It is at this time that most males experience Nocturnal emission(night fall)swapnadoshs, sometimes even before they learn about masturbation. While sleeping, the male's genitals may rub against the bed or sheets, or he may unknowingly stimulate them himself. When this happens, the male may become so sexually aroused that he has an orgasm (even if he is not awake to enjoy it!), along with a Nocturnal emission(night fall)swapnadosh. A boy's first Nocturnal emission(night fall)swapnadosh tends to cause the most confusion and worry. Most parents don't tell their sons what orgasms and ejaculations are before hand. Therefore the first Nocturnal emission(night fall)swapnadosh is something that the adolescent boy is unfamiliar with. He may think something is wrong with his body:



“Hundred drops of sweat equals one drop of blood and hundred drops of blood equals one drop of semen” – this is one of the age-old beliefs about semen.

The commonest sexual problem of men next to impotency is “spermatorrhoea”. Spermatorrhoea is medically meant an involuntary ejaculation/drooling of semen without any sexual event/thoughts. Likewise, seminuria/spermaturia is the discharge of semen in the urine. Normally, semen gets ejaculated in spurts only at the climax/culmination of the sexual act.

Semen loss can exhaust each and every system. So, one must treat semen loss with care to avoid dangerous after-effects. Of course, the incidences of spermatorrhoea are increasing in youths in this fantasy world. The reason behind it may be a polluted mind, due to circumstances and media (books, TV, movies, Internet, etc.). This pollution has made many youths notice mucous discharges, even ejaculation, while watching erotic scenes, sometimes even while talking to glamorous girls. This weakness (incontinence) makes the mind of men miserable, since this prevalence often causes early ejaculation without any satisfied sexual activity, even with the touch of the partner.

 Semen is a rich source of calcium, phosphorus, lecithin, cholesterol, nucleoproteins, iron, vitamin-E, sodium, magnesium, etc. So, excessive loss of semen will deprive our body of calcium, phosphorus, lecithin, etc. Researchers find many similarities between cerebrospinal fluid (which nourishes the brain and nervous system) and semen in constituents/composition. Also, process of ejaculation is merely compared with convulsions (nervous twitching), since during ejaculation, body jerks, neck retracts & muscle contracts violently. This process is followed by great exhaustion and complete relaxation of the muscles as in convulsions. So, wasting of semen from excessive sexual activity or masturbation may reflect in composition of cerebrospinal fluid with nourishment of brain and nerves and can also cause neuralgic complaints.


Causes of Nocturnal emission(night fall)swapnadosh(Spermatorrhoea)

  • Polluted mind
  • Perverted sexual behaviours and dreams
  • Excessive masturbation/overindulgence in sex
  • Urinary tract infection spreading to prostate/seminal vesicles
  • Chronic constipation

Diagnosis & investigations –


The need of scientific tests are:


  • Semen analysis and culture to check the presence of sperms as well as infection
  • Ultra sound scan to rule out prostate problems
  • Routine blood tests including electrolytes to rule out any metabolic disorders
  • Hormone tests for
  • Testosterone and follicle stimulating hormone – to analyse testicular functions
  • PSA – to rule out benign prostate hypertrophy (enlargement) BPH
  • Complications –
  • Weight loss
  • Nervous weakness
  • Growth and learning process will be affected when there is sexual excess or excessive seminal loss in the teens
  • Chronic inflammation of seminal vesicles and prostate
  • Testicular failure/atrophy




Commonly recognized types of erectile dysfunction or impotency(E.D.)

Normally, men are very cautious about their virility and potency in sex. Their quest for sex and pleasure ends in marriage (mostly). One main thing one should be aware of is that the sperm cannot be stored and one cannot drain it away to azoospermia (nil sperm count). It is rightly said that lustful desires usually give vent as spermatorrhoea. Spermatorrhoea is one of the foremost threats faced by men next to impotence. There are many misconceptions about spermatorrhoea and masturbation.

Spermatorrhoea medically means an involuntary escape or ejaculation or drooling of semen without any sexual event/erection/orgasm. Hiding it often leads to complications. Sufferers may be aware or unaware of spermatorrhoea, according to its presentation. Usually, sufferers are unaware of wet dreams (night emissions) which occur during sleep and loss of semen in urine (seminuria/spermaturia), whereas the discharge of semen, while straining (while passing stool or at any other time) may be noted immediately.

Bachelorhood – A bachelor’s life needs more strength and more brain power to be without losing/wasting any semen. But, a bachelor’s real strength is that he doesn’t have any weaknesses or distractions, since their lifestyle might not be a forced existence.

Masturbation – refers to self abuse of genital organs (voluntary act) with erotic thoughts, to give vent to sexual tension and satisfy one’s sexual appetite. It equals sexual activity with orgasm in the absence of a partner. Many youths are becoming addicted to this momentary bursting excitement due to arousal by the media and circumstances.

This fantasy of sex is also often misunderstood as sin and one is forced to feel guilty by money-minting quacks who advertise that . sufferers are losing every precious thing in the semen. Actually, infrequent masturbation/night emissions will not have any after-effects, whereas excessive involvement or over indulgence may cause spermatorrhoea, nervous debility, exhaustion, tremors, etc. The results of masturbation, excessive seminal losses and indulging more in sexual activity will nearly be the same, since the same vital fluid – semen – is lost in all the processes.

Nocturnal emission(night fall)swapnadoshs (Night emissions / wet dreams) – Normally sex is very pleasurable while there is ejaculation from an erected penis. In wet dreams, ejaculation occurs during sleep without any orgasm or erection. Their incidences are often found to be related to frequency of sex/masturbation/abstinence. They may or may not accompany erotic dreams.

Semen in the urine – Semen and urine will never get mixed up while letting out, even though the outlet is same for both. The architecture of the neck of the bladder is designed in such a manner that contracture of the neck of the bladder restricts the entry of sperm and leakage of urine. But in the case of infection/diseases of urethra and prostate and in diabetic complications, semen can get mixed with urine with incontinence or may get propelled into the bladder. When the semen gets ejaculated into the bladder, the urine is found to be cloudy while being passed. But in the case of semen getting mixed with urine just at the time of urination, due to strain and incontinence, then drooling of semen will be seen while ending up the urine. Prostatorrhea is often confused with spermatorrhoea. But it can be easily differentiated with microscopic examination of the discharge, i.e. prostatorrhoea has no sperms at all, compared to spermatorrhoea. Any way, losing more seminal fluid/prostatic fluid will devitalise our body.

Incidences of spermatorrhoea –Higher incidence of spermatorrhoea is frequently noted in the age group of 18-30 years. It is most commonly seen in unmarried, sexually perverted persons (dreamers), and in sexually transmitted diseases (STD). Also higher incidence of spermatorrhoea and impotency are often noted in men who stay away from their wife with suppressed sexual desires. Anyhow, most men would have experienced wet dream/night emissions at one time or the other, irrespective of good physique or power of mind.

Symptoms of Nocturnal emission(night fall)swapnadosh(Spermatorrhoea)

The core symptoms of night emissions/involuntary loss of semen in urine are exhaustion and weakness. The common presenting features are:

  • Drooling of urine at the end of urination
  • Cloudy urine
  • Incontinence or drooling of semen even at slightest stimulation (watching erotic scenes, reading novels, talking to girls, etc.)
  • Burning sensation during/after urination
  • Ejaculation seems to have less volume and very thin (low viscose) semen
  • Impotency and early ejaculation
  • Dull and depressed with irritable mood/psychosis
  • Loss of memory and inability to concentrate
  • Headache and drowsiness
  • Sleeplessness with lascivious/vivid dreams
  • Sunken, dull and burning eyes
  • Hollow cheeks with disfiguring pale face
  • Cramps/ pain in back and legs
  • Tremors with nervousness
  • Pain in spermatic cord (in groin) – Spermoneuralgia
  • Offensive sweat


Diagnosis of Sexual Problem/ Erectile Disorder/Impotency

Investigation required to know the exact cause of sexual weakness/E.D. :-

a) Physical Examinaton

b) Blood Test & Urine Test

c) Pipe Test

d) Penile blood flow studies

e) Sleep monitoring

f) Testosterone Harmone level

g)Cholestrol level

h)Blood Pressure Monitoring


Homeopathic treatment for Nocturnal emission(night fall)swapnadosh (spermatorrhoea)

The first step to coping with male sexual dysfunction/Impotency/Erectile disorder is to be educated about the problem and not to assume that it is permanent. A sex therapist may be able to provide the right kind of education to the patient as well as answer all the queries that crowd his mind.

According to Dr Makkar(homeopathic sexologist) no body is too old for treatment and to enjoy the god given pleasures of life. With the help of Homeopathic therapy even older Nawabs, sultans & maharajas married to young girl to demonstrate their vigor and vitality in ancient times.

Active participation in sex/erotic thoughts will stimulate the pituitary to provoke the testis for producing more number of sperms and more secretions in seminal vesicles. When this continuous habit or process is interrupted with temporary sexual abstinence or stoppage of masturbation, there might be an involuntary ejaculation which should be considered as normal. In due course, if abstinence continues, it will slow down by itself. But if it is felt more or persists continuously or happens to flow in urine with incontinence, Homeopathy can surely help to revive normalcy by correcting continence, energising the nerves and muscles of the organs, making the semen high viscous (thick), etc.

Draining of semen usually disappoints people with minimal semen ejaculation, low viscous (thin watery) semen, erectile dysfunction, early ejaculation without satisfaction in sex, nervousness, impotency, etc. But by maintaining good habits and taking Homeopathy treatment, normalcy can be resumed at the earliest without any complications.

Even though spermatorrhoea is considered a non-pathological condition, it affects body and mind, in so exhaustive and annoying a way that everyone will be compelled to go for treatment. Patients, without having any patience to see fruitful results, go on changing doctors and take too many worthless drug cocktails and worsen the condition with complications. With this attitude, many often get trapped in the hands of quacks where they also lose self-esteem, confidence in sexual life and marriage and lead a dejected life.

Homeopathy is a wonder of scientific application and not a magical prescription. Homeopathy treats the person’s mind and physique (characteristic of a person as well as the disease) to provide dramatic relief. But one should keep in mind that it will take some time to regain stamina and potency, revoke semen loss, revive semen normalcy in volume and viscosity, etc. Homeopathy can quarantine the progress of the disease and can cure the situation in due course without any recurrences.


Self care measure

We have had good results in most cases and based on our experience and expertise in treating these cases, we have observed that certain changes in lifestyle can go a long way in helping patients to deal with their problem:

  • Avoid Stress & Strain
  • Stimulants like alcohol, drugs, tobacco chewing, smoking, coffee and tea
  • Meat, chicken, fish and fatty diets
  • Drug cocktails
  • Overindulgence in sex
  • Take care of Constipation with water, vegetables and fruits
  • Health by taking oats, dry fruits such as dates, nuts, etc.
  •         Regular masturbation/sex - at least 1-2 month, helps control the reservoirs of sperms and make way for new ones.
  •         Consulting  homeopathic sexologist for control over sexual restlessness.
  •         Avoid using herbal sexual medicines which are not ISO or Govt. approved. Many of them cause hormonal imbalances.Use only homeopathic medicine.
  •         Many have cheap chinese allopathic medicines marketed under the ayurvedic or herbal brand names.
  •         Don't get into the fear, guilt and self-diagnosis induced by this episode. better to consult a doctor than consulting a friend, religious leader or quack who will misguide you against the same.

General treatment – Since most of the times there won’t be any abnormality in functions or investigations, general physicians encourage patients psychologically that Nocturnal emission(night fall)swapnadoshs are a normal occasional event / a physiologically overwhelming process. Also, just for patient’s satisfaction, they simply prescribe multivitamins, zinc, selenium supplements, etc., with the advice to avoid lascivious thoughts/masturbation/overindulgence in sex. The change of attitude/lifestyle (i.e. stopping the masturbation and overindulgence in sex all of a sudden) often brings more Nocturnal emission(night fall)swapnadosh for the time being as a continuation of habit/secretions. Doctors, if they find any good reason, they would go for controlling or eliminating it (infection or other irritants), or otherwise, they have to simply go with strengthening of vitality with supplements, etc.

 We believe in strong Patient-Doctor relationship and our motto is: 'Healthy People Wealthy Nation'

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