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Osteoarthritis is one of the types of arthritis that is caused due to which slowly degenerate and eventually loss of the cartilage of joints. Cartilage is a tissue that covers the inside of the joints and acts as a cushion or shock absorber between the two bones forming a joint. When the cartilage starts undergoing degeneration, the bone inflammation occur as a result protective covering is lost. That's why it is also called as Wear & Tear Arthritis.This causes pain during weight bearing activities such as standing, walking,ascending stairs etc conditions on which billions of dollars are spent every year for treatment as well as research by conventional treatment methods. Homeopathy has good scope in the treatment of Osteoarthritis (OA) especially in the early stages before deformities set in.

Osteoarthritis is one of leading cause of disability in Elderly (old) Age people. Osteoarthritis is one of the most common forms of arthritis usually occurring after middle-age. It is a degenerative disorder that affects knees joint and hips as well as joints of the hands, feet and spine. OA symptoms vary from patient to patient progressive in nature, its treatment is mainly aimed at pain control by pain killers and improving the mobility by reducing inflammation.

Current conventional medical treatments focus on pain reduction and control of inflammation; however, these approaches have no effect on the natural course of the disease. The most common medications prescribed for osteoarthritis are, at best, moderately effective. In addition, side effects of these treatments can be quite significant, and at times life-threatening. Often times, the ultimate treatment for a disabling joint is joint replacement, with the inherent risks and cost that come with surgery. If current trends continue, it is estimated that 600,000 hip replacements and 1.4 million knee replacements will be carried out in the U.S. alone in 2015

In a study conducted at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine in the Division of Geriatric Medicine, it was demonstrated that Homeopathic remedies do show positive response in the treatment of Osteoarthritis and Osteo arthritis. At Dr.GS Makkar Homeopathic Multispeciality Clinic, we have been successful in giving good relief to a large number of patients suffering from this disease and imparting a better quality of life to them. Go ahead and experience holistic healing with Homeopathy at Dr. GS Makkar's Homeopathic Multispeciality Clinic.

Classification of Osteoarthritis


Primary osteoarthritis

Primary osteoarthritis is mainly a result of natural aging of the joint. With the person aging the water content of cartilage increases and protein of cartilage degenerates, in advanced stage, there is a total loss of the cartilage cushion between the bones of the joints. This loss of the cartilage cushion causes friction between the bones, leading to pain and limitation of joint mobility.


Secondary osteoarthritis

Secondary osteoarthritis is mainly caused by another disease condition such as –obesity which increases mechanical stress on the joint, repeated trauma, congenital abnormality causing early degeneration and loss of joint cartilage, uric acid crystals deposit in gout and diabetes and hormonal disturbances.

Secondary osteoarthritis

Secondary osteoarthritis can be caused by any of the Following


• Joint surgery

• Obesity

• Congenital anomalies of the joint 

• Gout

• Diabetes

• Hormonal disorders (especially Growth hormone disorders)

Osteoarthritis causes

Causes of Osteoarthritis:


Degeneration of the cartilage (the cushion) between the bones (that form a joint) is the primary cause of osteoarthritis. As the degeneration progresses, the cartilage may be completely lost leading to rubbing of the bones during the joint movement. This leads to pain and the grating sensation during any movement.


 How osteoarthritis develop

There can be numerous reasons why the cartilage wears off:

  • As a part of the ageing process  increases the risk of OA
  • Joint injury
  •  repetitive trauma,
  •  Hereditary,
  • Muscle weakness,
  • Overweight causes increased pressure on weight bearing joints such as hip, knee, ankle, and foot joints
  • Abnormality of the joint anatomy (e.g. being bow legged)
  • Presence of Gout,
  • Osteo arthritis,
  • Septic arthritis or any other disease that affects bones or joints.
  •  Joint fracture and injury
  • Persons job which involves regular lifting , sitting in squatting position
  • Sports ( foot ball , basketball )
  • Bleeding disorders as Hemophilia
  •  Sedentary lifestyle
  • Gout, Paget’s disease
  •  Having diabetes, DiabetesGrowth hormone disordersInappropriate footwear (causing increased and imbalanced pressure on the knees).In cases where there is a known cause that induced the problem, the condition is called Secondary Osteoarthritis. Cases which have no known cause are termed as Primary Osteoarthritis

When the osteoarthritis is due to ageing process it is known as primary osteoarthritis; when there are other conditions in the background that have triggered this disorder, it is known as Secondary osteoarthritis.


Symptoms of osteoarthritis:

•            Pain

•            Stiffness

•              Bones feel sore and painful.

•              Leg and foot cramps.

•              Weakness and involuntary shaking of hands and legs.

•              Fracture with slight or no trauma.

•              Stooped posture.

•              Loss of height over time.

•              Restlessness.

•              Sleeplessness.

•              Loose teeth and gum diseases. 

Progression of osteoarthritis


Home based tips Self Care measure for Osteoarthritis

• Lifestyle changes by staying active, gentle exercise

• Exercises such as –swimming, walking, and cycling

• Exercises improves the strength of muscle

• Applying heat and cold to manage pain

• Eating a healthy, well balanced diet

• Getting enough  rest

• Losing weight in case of overweight

• Practicing relaxation techniques

• Drinking lots of water• Avoiding alchol , coffea

• Consuming more fruits , vegetables and whole grains

•  Avoiding refined foods

 • You should have sun bath for at least 1 – 2 hrs every day. 

• Consume foods rich in vitamin D: 
    – egg yolk and fish liver oils are riches source. 
     – Liver, veal, beef, oyster, salt water fish – mackerel, kipper, herrings, salmon, sardines and tuna. 
     – Dairy products like – cream, butter, cheese, fortified milk and margarines. 
     – Plant foods are low in vitamin D. 

      • You can take vitamin D supplements – cod liver oil, fortified milk. 

      • Vitamin D injections into the muscles can be taken under your physician`s guidance. 

  • Maintain your weight by regular exercise and diet control 
  • Avoid fatty foods 
  • If obese - weight reduction 

Homoeopathic Treatment:

Homeopathy offers a wider range of options than Conventional medicine. Conventional treatment consists of anti-inflammatory drugs and corticosteroids. Although these give temporary relief, the body’s requirements for these go on increasing. Long term use of these medicines can cause plenty of side-effects, whereas the use of Homeopathic medication has no side effects as they are non-toxic and harmless.  Constitutional Homeopathic treatment with the management of an experienced and professional Homeopath Like Dr Makkar is an excellent choice for Osteoarthritis Arthritis. The Constitutional approach of Homeopathic treatment, which considers mind and body together as one, bestows a lot of significance to emotions, and believes that emotional factors are vital in the development of most of the diseases, including Osteo Arthritis. It can even be the cause of Osteo Arthritis. Heredity plays & elderly age  an important role in Osteo Arthritis.

However, a study conducted at the Stanford University School of Medicine, suggested that emotions can overcome genetics. The study showed that even those who are genetically predisposed to Osteo Arthritis can avoid the disease by staying emotionally healthy. If you are at risk for Osteo Arthritis, you can avoid getting the disease if you stay in good condition psychologically.

OsteoArthritis OA Homeopathic_treatment

In another study conducted at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine in the Division of Geriatric Medicine, it was demonstrated that Homeopathic remedies do show positive response in the treatment of Osteoarthritis and Osteo arthritis. Dr. GS Makkar, we have been successful in giving good relief to a large number of patients suffering from this disease and imparting a better quality of life to them. Go ahead and experience holistic healing with Homeopathy at Dr.GS  Makkar's

Osteoarthritis is a degenerative joint disease where the pathological changes in the joint are almost irreversible. Homeopathic remedies will not reverse existing bone loss, but can help control pain, will slow down or stop further bone loss, can promote stability and healing in conjunction with other conventional medications by using antiinflmatory & pain killer . Most cases respond well as far as the long-term pain relief is concerned. Homeopathic medicines are definitely suggested for osteoarthritis, especially for early cases where the medicines can slow down the degenerative process and offer considerable pain relief.

 Homeopathic remedies will allow the essential minerals and nutrients to be absorb  efficiently, further preventing bone fractures, or accelerating healing of any existing fractures by strengthening the bones. Homeopathic treatment balances the body’s chemical state to help withstand against stress and illnesses. The purpose of Homeopathic approach is to vitalize the body's natural healing and self-repair ability to create the highest state of health and well-being.

Homeopathic remedies are natural, safe, non–habit forming, have no addictive characteristics and are FDA approved.

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