Peyronies disease Curved Bent Penis Homeopathic Treatment


Bent penis refers to an abnormal shape of the penis. While swelling of the penis may result from several conditions, true bent penis can be the result of two rare conditions;

Peyronie’s disease and

Penile fracture

Peyronie’s disease inflammatory condition affecting the penis. A disorder of connective tissue with growth of fibrous plaques in the soft tissue of the penis is called Peyronie's disease.Injury during an erection may cause a penile fracture resulting in bent penis. Sudden or forceful bending of an erect penis may rupture one or both of the cylinders in the penis that fill with blood to create an erection. Most commonly, penile fracture results from severe changes in movement during aggressive intercourse or masturbation. Men having prostate cancer radiation treatment or surgery have the highest risk of a penile fracture.

There is formation of scar tissue tunica albuginea (the thick sheath of tissue encircling the corpora cavernosa) which results in pain, abnormal curvature, indentation, erectile dysfunction, loss of girth along with shortening.The penis may become curved or bent due to the growth of fibrous scar tissue kind of plaque under the skin of the penis. The cause of Peyronie’s disease is not known, but may be due to a previous injury to the penis resulting in bleeding within the penis, or it may possibly be attributed to an autoimmune disorder.

People feel shy to share personal problems with anyone and also feel shy to share it with the doctor. About 10% of men are affected with this disease. As the process of aging continues, this disease becomes more common.

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