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Tinnitus is a Latin term inherited from tinnitus means "tinkling". Tinnitus is the medical term for ringing in the ears. Tinnitus is primarily a neurological phenomenon that is linked to the sense of hearing. A tinnitus patient hears sounds that are not caused by external sources. Unlike schizophrenics and other people with delusions as hear sounds, tinnitus is a physiological disorder, and sounds cannot be "conjured away" with help from a psychologist. Tinnitus is a physical problem! Those who have tinnitus may experience different degrees of intensity, and the sound may have different characteristics. How tinnitus appears depends on the cause. In recent years, we have seen that even very young people develop tinnitus as a result of headphones and concerts, noise in kindergarten, school or professional life, or reckless use of cotton swabs, and physical damage to the inner ear. Many people who have tinnitus learn to live with it, not knowing that there are actually managements that can make a full recovery. It is estimated that about 1 in 4 who suffer from tinnitus visit the doctor. Therefore, there are three of four people who choose to ignore problems with tinnitus. This is unfortunate since tinnitus can worsen and provide more extensive problems later. One must do something with the problems now; do not wait until it is too late! Tinnitus and ringing sound the sound (or noise) one experiences when one has tinnitus in many cases a steady hissing or "hiss". In other cases, the pulsating, or a sound that only occurs periodically. Tinnitus can be a monotonous sound, or can be perceived as both a light and dark sound simultaneously. The sound may occur in only one ear , both ears , or in some cases one may have difficulty identifying which ear the sound is coming from (a feeling that tinnitus comes from somewhere " inside the head"). A noisy world creates disturbances and is found to be ruining the hearing process of the ear. Even though the world is aware of noise pollution, no one takes care of the ear unlike taking care of eyes with dark glasses. Ear is the messenger of words to the brain. Clarity in hearing is very essential to avoid confusion. Unnecessary noises may lead to misunderstanding and may lead to trouble. Such noises in the ear usually distract people and often lead to hardness of hearing. Noises in the ear are medically termed as "tinnitus aurium". Tinnitus often threatens to become deafness. Many people find tinnitus a nuisance but often ignore and wait for it to go away on its own. This often leads to making people hard of hearing. So it is crucial to learn/follow preventive measures to take care of the ear.

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