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Writer's cramp also called mogigraphia causes spasm or cramps affecting certain muscles of hands or fingers.It are a specific complaint of inability to write which may occur due to psychological disturbance or a variety of diseases such as joint disease, carpal tunnel syndrome etc. Writer's cramp is a form of task-specific focal dystonia.It is an involuntary, sustained muscle contraction causing twisting movements and abnormal postures. Focal dystonia means only one body part is affected. Normally, an antagonist muscle relaxes when an agonist muscle is contracted. Patients with dystonia have simultaneous contraction of both groups of muscles. Spinal reciprocal inhibition is reduced i.e. a process that inhibits the antagonist muscles when the agonist muscles are active. Handwriting is a motor skill - this means that early in life motions that result in writing letters are learned and then stored in the brain’s motor memory. Once automated, the writer can then forget about how they are writing and concentrate on the content of the written work. With Simple Writer’s Cramp this automation is disrupted for reasons that are not fully understood. As with other forms of dystonia, this disruption can often be worse when the writer is under stress or anxiety – and handwriting often takes place in stressful situations such as examinations or demanding jobs. However, some people find that by relaxing and/or changing the way they write they can cope better with this problem.

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